Literary works

Here is some stuff I’ve written…


Staring at my eyes reflected in the mirror

The tools of my creativity,

Unchanged from my youth,

Never aging,

Vacuums of images to be edited in my brain,

Conduits to the soul.

Staring at my eyes reflected in the mirror

A gift to another gift.


In our stream at the second bridge

Where the dogwood grows from a mossy stone

Beneath the amber flow,

Amongst the rocks down below,

The only clue their shadows,

Lie minnows


              WINTER NIGHT                                                                                                       

The storm has passed, the clouds are lost.

The wind is gone for now

A canopy of stars lights the snow

Shadows stretch from moonlight

To flat stubbled fields.                                                                        ,

Sound is absent, save the stealth of a screech owl

And the crunch of my boots in the new fallen snow

             THE HAWK

Clear blue morning.

Hoary frost covers the fields like fuzzy mold.

Sitting in a tree a red tail hawk surveys all,

Turning,it absorbs the golden sun into its underwing.

With a burst it begins a horizontal glide

A little pump, it climbs to the top of a dead elm tree.